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Part II on iPhone…

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Continuing on the idea shared previously… Rather than having it flip over or detach literally, it can easily be made into a more stylish, more elegant looking slide version. The same underlying principle apply, have the soft key onscreen to map to the exact location of all the rubber key on top of the screen.

Extend that idea to the current range of large screen PDA Phones… which already has an on screen keypad for finger / stylus operation. The other thing that happens is that most people that I seen will uses the other hand to tap on screen as one hand operation is rather limited…

The more I think about it… the very possible it is to be implemented. There are some challenges that I can imagine though:

1) Driver / application to initial the soft key and that would require someone / team that’s familiar with Window Mobile which, should be alot… still need 3-6 months time for testing and development.

2) The rubber (soft or hard) on top of the screen needs to be able to give the similar keypad feel that we all are so accustomed to on our existing phone… and it needs to be durable, at least close.

3) If it is an add on, then the casing / holder needs to be well design and well constructed to ensure that prolong flipping / slidding will not cause damage to it.

Those should be common challenges that I can foresee for such implementation. For the Apple Phone though, there might be one more to worry about…

How soon or how open will Apple be to allow 3rd party developers to develop application for the Apple Phone if they are not going to implement this idea… Apple prefer a ‘closed’ framework for most things to ensure the out of box, ‘wow’ experience that everything just work! Perhaps in time after the initial launch, it will open up for developers to come in and create a eco system around it… that’s my personal guess. With its elegant design and Apple’s attention to details on the application, a lot of people will buy it because it’s ______ period. (super cool or Apple) Whether there’s a need for more application or 3rd party developers, well… it might not matter much to how well it will sell… Different approaches for Apple… different approaches for Microsoft. Both can learn from each other. 🙂

What are your thoughts today?

Written by gooddealz

May 23, 2007 at 12:22 pm

Posted in Tech Ideas

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