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Check out Silverlight video streaming!!!

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Anyone who cares about web technology out there have got to check out this Silverlight video streaming site.

It’s a Microsoft developer focused site, Channel 9 and just look at the details, smoothness and rich video streaming from the site (not sure if there’s Akamai / Cachefly type of performance acceleration  services giving it the extra bandwidth, but it’s gorgeous)

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September 29, 2007 at 1:57 pm

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iPhone has landed in Singapore… this time, cheaper!

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A colleague of mind just spotted a brand new iPhone at Sim Lim Square, Singapore selling for SGD$1,188 and on top of that, there are threads in hardwarezone asking for bulk order of the iPhone for only $880 plus…

The fever is definitely catching up pretty soon here and I am pretty sure we will all be seeing some young kids flashing their iPhone in MRT and bus stops! Yes, I meant what I said… young kids! That is the state in Singapore… where the next generation gets pretty much most of the stuff they want due to more affluent status of the people in their 40s…

Anyway, back to the iPhone… if I got the $$$ I would probably jump all over it too! It’s a want, not a need (Samsung i600 satisfy me…), it’s a good to have, not a must have… Anyway, one of my colleague will be getting his iPod Touch this coming Monday and we sure to check it out and do a short review on it.

Software hacks to unlock the phone are all over the place… as posted here but we just gotten news that the latest firmware from Apple did affected those nasty people! 🙂

Here is a short article on the disabled iPhones:

Apple last night released the iPhone 1.1.1 update, fixing security issues, adding features, and making previously unlocked iPhones unusable.

The update disables phones that have been hacked to work with providers other than AT&T, the only US provider Apple has allowed to carry its mobiles.

In recent months, a number of software tools have been developed which allow iPhone users to break free of Apple’s AT&T-only restriction, but Apple has said that it will fight attempts to unlock the iPhone. Earlier this week the company released a warning that unlocked iPhones “will likely result in the modified iPhone becoming permanently inoperable when a future Apple-supplied iPhone software update is installed”.

Shortly after the update was released, users of unlocked iPhones began reporting problems.

Security researcher Tom Ferris said the new software disabled phones that had been unlocked using the open-source anySIM software in order to work on T-Mobile USA’s wireless network. After the update, the iPhone was stuck with an error message and apparently unusable. “It kept saying ‘unsupported SIM card,’ even with the AT&T SIM card in it,” he said. “You can turn the phone off or on, but we just can’t figure out how to get past this ‘SIM card not supported’,” he said.

SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) cards contain account information and are used to authenticate devices on certain types of mobile networks. Unlocked iPhones can use SIM cards from non-AT&T networks.

Others were reporting similar problems on Thursday.

The update also appears to disable the ‘Jailbreak’ hack which allows users to install unsupported software on the iPhone, Ferris said. After the 1.1.1 patch was installed it wiped out all of the third-party applications he had installed on a second iPhone, he said.

The new software is Apple’s biggest iPhone update to date, and it fixes a number of security flaws in the mobile phone’s browser, mail client and Bluetooth networking server.

The majority of the flaws do not appear to be critical, but the update fixes a larger number of bugs than the first iPhone update, released on 31 July.

Hackers have said that the iPhone’s browser and mail clients are the most likely sources of software flaws, and this release bears that out. Apple fixed seven flaws in the Safari browser, two in the iPhone’s mail client and one Bluetooth bug with the release.

The Bluetooth flaw could be the most serious – Apple said that it could allow an attacker to run unauthorized code on the iPhone – but because Bluetooth works over a range of just a few feet, the attacker would have to be standing near the victim for any exploit to work, said Andrew Storms, director of security operations with nCircle Network Security.

Noted hacker HD Moore agreed that the Bluetooth flaw was serious. “The only bad issue here is the Bluetooth flaw,” he said via email. “I will start working on this tonight.”

Though there may be some technical limitations to what an attacker could do by exploiting this bug, it “could be a nasty remote exploit,” he added.

Earlier this week, Moore added iPhone hacking capabilities to the Metasploit hacking tool that he develops.

The patch also fixes some cross-site scripting and JavaScript flaws in the browser that could also be serious, Storms said via instant message. These flaws could be exploited to make the browser run unauthorized JavaScript code, he said.

Click on the above link for the rest of the article.

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September 29, 2007 at 1:37 pm

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Detect Spyware or Rootkit on your system…

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We sometimes think that with some antivirus application and spyware removal tools, we are totally invincible from all the threats that comes from outside.

But every once in a while, by our own negligence, we let them through and worst still, when they are in, they are undetectable by your very own anti virus programs and spy ware removal tools.

Well, check out Autorun from Microsoft (formerly from Sysinternals which got acquired by Microsoft last year) which is a powerful tool to list / display / filter out everything that start when Windows starts.

If you detect some funny names or publisher which you have not heard of before… take note and check it out online… Take a look at the program path… and you will be able to take action against the threats.

Here are the descriptions found on Microsoft site:

This utility, which has the most comprehensive knowledge of auto-starting locations of any startup monitor, shows you what programs are configured to run during system bootup or login, and shows you the entries in the order Windows processes them. These programs include ones in your startup folder, Run, RunOnce, and other Registry keys. You can configure Autoruns to show other locations, including Explorer shell extensions, toolbars, browser helper objects, Winlogon notifications, auto-start services, and much more. Autoruns goes way beyond the MSConfig utility bundled with Windows Me and XP.

AutorunsHide Signed Microsoft Entries option helps you to zoom in on third-party auto-starting images that have been added to your system and it has support for looking at the auto-starting images configured for other accounts configured on a system. Also included in the download package is a command-line equivalent that can output in CSV format, Autorunsc.

You’ll probably be surprised at how many executables are launched automatically!

Autoruns works on all versions of Windows including 64-bit versions.

Really great stuff… for Windows user. 🙂 

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September 27, 2007 at 3:45 pm

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More iPhone hacks…

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According to this article from Computer World:

iPhone hackers have some new tools now, thanks to HD Moore, one of the developers of the Metasploit hacking software.

On Tuesday, Moore announced that he was supporting the iPhone within his Metasploit framework and released software that would allow hackers to run “shellcode” command prompts on Apple‘s mobile device.

By integrating the iPhone into Metasploit, it will now be a little easier for hackers to gain access to someone else’s iPhone, but they will also need a few other tools to succeed. First, they will need to create working exploit code, which takes advantage of bugs in Apple’s software, to trick the device into running the shellcode. They will also need to create more sophisticated “payload” applications that can do things like remotely connect with the hacker. “It’s a first step,” Moore said of his hack.

With iPhone prices dropping and noticeable improvements in the quality of iPhone hacking tools, Apple’s phone has become a more interesting target of late, Moore said.

And the iPhone has obviously hit a nerve in the security community. Moore said that about a quarter of the attendees at the recent Black Hat conference in Las Vegas had the devices. “It’s trendy,” he said. “It kind of creeped me out when I saw how many people had iPhones when I went to Vegas.”

In fact, hackers have already developed a number of exploits that they claim could be used on the iPhone’s Safari browser.

And security researchers have even demonstrated how the iPhone can be compromised. In July, a Baltimore, Maryland, company called Independent Security Evaluators showed how it could run unauthorized software on an iPhone by taking advantage of a Safari bug.

Moore believes that the iPhone’s browser and mail client will be the best sources of bugs and he said that because of the components and information stored on the phone, it may end up being a more attractive target than the PC.

For example, the phone could be used to track someone’s location based on information from cell phone towers. Throw in the iPhone’s microphone, camera and an Internet connection, and you suddenly have a device that could be used to secretly keep tabs on people, Moore said. “If you look at what you get by exploiting someone’s iPhone, you actually get a lot more than you do from someone’s PC a lot of the time,” he said.

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September 27, 2007 at 3:30 pm

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ATunes coming your way… from Amazon

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Considered a public beta, Amazon MP3 marks a departure from both Apple’s store and Amazon’s own Unbox video service in only selling songs that are available in the unguarded MP3 format — allowing virtually every music phone or portable media player to support its content without limits to CD burning or file copying.

While the concept of an MP3-only download store is far from new, the online retailer was keen to stress that its service was designed to lure users accustomed to the ease of use of stores built into music software, particularly iTunes. A custom program known as the MP3 Downloader runs in the background for both Mac and Windows users and seamlessly transfers songs bought from Amazon MP3 into either iTunes or Windows Media Player if they are present on the system, the company said.

But the real attractions may be the price and the catalog. Although every song is encoded at higher quality as an MP3 at 256 kilobits per second — as high as Amazon’s rival Wal-Mart and slightly behind the 256Kbps AAC files of iTunes Plus — songs are no more expensive than at most stores, selling for 99 cents each. More than half of the music in the collection sells for 89 cents per song, according to Amazon. In contrast, an iTunes Plus song costs $1.29 when bought outside of an album, or more than 40 percent higher.

Read here for more information on this announcement.

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September 27, 2007 at 12:50 am

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Jailbreaking your iPhone

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This is old news by now… but for those we cannot wait any longer for the iPhone to reach your destination, you can simply order one from Apple Store and have it delivered to you and apply this jailbreaking procedures and you are off to your choice of operator…

Until the next firmware updates from Apple!

About the iPhone jailbreaker:

iNdependence is a Cocoa-based application for Mac OS X which provides an easy-to-use interface for jailbreak, activation, SSH installation, and ringtone/wallpaper/application installation on your iPhone. It’s open source under the GNU v2 license.

The source code for interacting with the iPhone has been broken out into a library (libPhoneInteraction) so that it can be easily reused by other applications.

A solution to the possible iPhone firmware lock from Apple is on the way… according to this guys.

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September 27, 2007 at 12:45 am

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iPhone killer… possibly

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Just the other day as I was writing about the up and coming Samsung i780, a simple thought came to my mind on how I would have done it differently from the design that Samsung showed… given the excitement surrounding the iPhone touch interface and how it can make life without a stylus, simply easier.

I will be coming up with my own renditions of an Samsung – iPhone combo phone with the best of both world… That’s right! It’s coming… and I do not think it is that hard.

More on this topic soon.

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September 26, 2007 at 11:39 pm

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