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The Dawn of Touch Interface

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Apple… One has got to give it to them for an incredible trend setting appetite on just about anything they put their hands on, from computers, laptop, music player, phones…

User experience… user experience… I remember Microsoft ‘slogan’ has also been focused on developer experience and perhaps it is me who missed out the subtle fact that, developer are user as well. Not your average user I might say but they are user too.

In terms of platform superiority, Windows still has the upper hand in terms of what Microsoft have done over the last 25 years of developer focus mind set. The tools they provide to people to build onto of their platform is incredible. But even that faces an incredible upheaval from the open source and platform independent community which has, in a very good way shaped Microsoft strategy on building services on top of their bread and butter business.

But regardless of whatever one is doing in the computing industry, the focus right now is on User Experience and Apple seems to be leading the pack.

I am pretty sure the smart people in Microsoft are probably doing something about the WPF / Silverlight implementation on a broad level, now that Visual Studio 2008 is almost ready for mass deployment… The sooner the development tools are out, the sooner we can really see the promise of WPF on desktop and mobile application. I really cannot imagine, if Microsoft can get the right framework on their next Windows Mobile 7 or whatever name given, the UI framework… how much of great user experience the phone / pda can bring to many of us…

Time will tell… Right now, all the WPF / Silverlight developers out there, please bring us some cool UI Design / Experience to the application we use on a daily basis…

As for me, I am beginning to like the ipod Touch and iphone…

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September 7, 2007 at 3:35 am

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