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Apple is the new bully…

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Following a good read on this article from PC World, I certainly have to agree with the author on the fanatic criticism towards Microsoft in the past couple of years, on all the monopoly, locked in platform, no user choice and blah blah blah…

Years ago, when Apple and the OSX started to gain momentum across the industry, with all the great out of the box experience that Apple provided via the iLife Suite, I was wondering… ‘How in the world that Apple can get away with all the bundling while Microsoft has to be sued with billions of dollars for bundling IE or other apps with their OS…’

It became clear to me that three possible reasons might have been the cause of all that.

  1. Market share. With Windows covering over 90% of the worlds’ personal computer (at least back in early 2000), anyone else fighting to have a piece of that pie has no other target but to hone in on our big Gates. There is just no other alternatives. Linux was no where to be found then, Apple with its outdated OS (version 9) simply is a disaster. When you are at the top of the hill, every friend or foe sees is you. Either they join you at the top (through alliance or partnership which can be rather hard given the mind set of Microsoft back then…) or they break you at the top through lawsuit.
  2. Timing. It was just bad timing for Microsoft… If Apple was doing a fantastic job like what they are doing right now, with all the locked in experience and applications and even hardware… They too will likely face similar complaints / lawsuit base of the fact that when a home user do get a bundled suite of application that comes with the system, the chances of any other 3rd party application out there will be ignored.
  3. Immature legal understanding in dealing with software / application. Back in Netscape days… what other lawsuit occurs in the realm of monopoly / antitrust legality? Hardly any… When DOJ steps into the Microsoft case, it was probably a historical moment for the entire software industry. There probably was not many case study to be referenced at… and all hell just broke loose.

The main market that kills of many software application house is home user market. People like Adobe that does more on professional tools will not be affected while small companies that build application focusing on home user will get killed easily by bundled suite.

The landscape has certainly changed now… Microsoft is no longer the bully it used to be… More incline to play nice with all parties / authorities… The key word is incline. And out of the ashes rises a new bully… Jobs.

iPhone is not going to be opened up according to Apple for fear of low quality application that will ruin the user experience! Microsoft with Windows Mobile platform is entirely opposite. Again, two great company, different focus. Apple focus on what they tell others to do / follow. Microsoft focus on others building great experience on their platform rather than they themselves doing that… which is one lesson we see Microsoft learning from Apple. They too have to step in and carefully build application / services that ties in with the Windows ecosystem without coming as part of the OS… (Live Suite… )

Will anyone else ever sue Apple for killing the competition. Or is that all right because it’s part of the design / services / experiences promised by Apple from the beginning…Honestly, I do not think Apple will be sued because their most people loves their stuff. It just works! But like what the author from PC Mag, I agreed with the core message of the article, and that is that the lawsuit on Microsoft yada yada yada was really unnecessary.

Consumer do have a choice. They just need to be informed or get their lazy act together and do some research before deciding on the choice.

Microsoft, step up and get focus and don’t have half hearted effort at partnership (like URGE) or product launch… It’s not too late to build great user experience into all your efforts, just like what Apple did. It just take some ‘bully’ at the top of the company to pushes everything through, consistently.

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September 9, 2007 at 2:46 pm

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