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Finally… Ubuntu 7.04 running on Virtual PC 2007

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After much anticipation and excitement… Ubuntu 7.04 is running fine on the virtual machine under Vista.

Certainly something has to give way especially performance under virtual environment, since there is not virtualization support in my CPU (AMD Opteron 2.0 Ghz). Nonetheless, it feels great again to be able to test out this distribution which accordingly to many… is supposed to be a very user friendly, Windows conversion killer!!!
It turned out to be… not that friendly in my opinion… bearing in mine that I have always been accustomed to Windows all my life. I know getting used to it will take time and that’s expected and I will try it out seriously, running OpenOffice on it (I am testing out OpenOffice 2.3 on Vista at the same time to see if this is a worthy recommendation for normal user) and doing surfing like I would normally do…
Overall, it fairs pretty all right if you are willing to invest some time, not on the OS but online and read up a lot more on the settings and configuration and some driver issue… If you aren’t willing to go that far, then a normal Windows user can give it a pass.
It works, no question about it . If all you do is some surfing, word processing and occasional photo editing via GIMP. It is usable but not consistent / friendly enough yet to the point where you put it side by side with OSX or Vista and you won’t feel out of place. (usability wise)
The community is working on another upcoming version which should give it some good lift. Will try it out when it’s available.
Nonetheless, it’s great to have tried out another Linux distribution… the last time I tried one was Red Hat back in early 2000… It’s great to see how far Linux has come and it’s even greater to see how far they would need to go to be able to reach wide adoption…
Good day.

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September 12, 2007 at 1:10 am

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