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Make Windows simpler…

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For years I have pondered on the idea of a custom shell / interface on top of explorer where during login or user accounts creation, to specify if the user is a home user, power user or custom.

What that means is that not only are their access control / permission created but even the interface shell of all the settings across the control panel in Windows will be different. What do I mean…

For home user, they know nuts to begin with and thus need vendors / expert to assume their workflow / process for them. (borrowing from Apple) That would mean making it less complicated with little or no settings option for them to fiddle with, which they won’t since they are home user. By taking on that role, designing the shell / settings option will be less confusing and more user friendly. (no need to expose everything to a typical user!)

For power user, give them all they need as they will still find ways to fiddle with all the settings all the way down to system level. The existing setup in Vista / XP seems to be great for technical people but total unfriendly for home user.

Is that too hard to implement? A shell that assume certain decision underneath (the underlying design / architecture is the same, but just having a less confusing shell for user to interact and macros to make few assumption for them as they select their choices) the system so that it appears less confusing to a normal Joe user… I wonder.


Written by gooddealz

September 12, 2007 at 12:30 am

Posted in Tech Ideas

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