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I came across this interesting article that gives a glimpse of what Microsoft could be if they follow through with the execution of their design prototypes… Corporate focus at the end of the day determines what kind of products to ship.

Apple has creative focus. Microsoft has business focus.

Below are some excerpts from Design is Beautiful:

So is it really that Microsoft doesn’t have the design talent that Apple has? NO.

what is missing, is the key missing ingredient in most companies which is the right tops down corporate culture that takes creative risks and has the ability the leverage the in house talent to connect to the hearts and minds of the customer. The requires Leadership both within the discipline and outside of it. When has any Microsoft executive ever connected with a consumer audience (from body language, to clothing choice, to spoken word)? Then look at Jobs – his whole person is cool. he has style in dress, body language, and what he says. Microsoft doesn’t need a Steve Jobs and i’m not advocating that they try to become apple, just that if they want to keep the design talent they have, if they want to connect to the hearts and minds of their customers, there are some lessons to be learned from that fruit in Cupertino.

Microsoft has hints of this – witness xbox and mediacenter… but it never really has the follow through. If they aren’t careful they will start to lose the design talent (which is world class) it has to the more fertile grounds of companies that have the courage to execute on the vision.


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September 13, 2007 at 4:19 am

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