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The following are extracted from the HTC articles posted on  HardwareZone

With the legal wrangle between Apple and Cisco still fresh in memory in which Apple eventually reached a mutually satisfactory settlement to use the ‘iPhone’ name owned by Cisco, it didn’t take long before the touchy question (pun intended) was raised about the use of the word ‘Touch’ by Apple for its latest iPod Touch. HTC, being the trademark owner of ‘HTC Touch’, was expected to be on the defensive, but surprisingly, Mr. Peter Chou was quick to point out that HTC was proud that Apple shared a similar vision in the direction of touch screen user interface in handheld devices. “HTC Touch is no doubt a trademark, but I can’t comment [regarding iPod Touch] right now. However, Apple’s decision to name its latest iPod as the iPod Touch just goes to show that we had came up with a good product name for our HTC Touch,” said Mr. Peter Chou. Although common descriptive words cannot be trademarked, HTC might just have a strong case against Apple because the iPod Touch shares a very similar set of core functions in that it too has a touch screen user interface and is also capable of storing and playing digital music. No further comments regarding the possibility of legal actions for trademark infringement were made.

Personal thoughts:

If Peter Chou, HTC CEO had responded to the iPhone Touch with criticism, he would be ‘blasted’ for copying the iPhone innovative touch interface in the first place! (The originality of the touch interface was not from Apple but else where, even Microsoft Research had developed that years ago but never implement it to a consumer product. The Microsoft Surface will be the first commercial product from the giant to feature the unique touch interface. Check out Surface for more details) iPhone demoed the interface way back in January and after a couple of months, the HTC TouchFlo interface surfaced, which in all its attempt, was pretty useless and not well implemented. It is a good start at copying… now is time to innovate on it)

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September 15, 2007 at 12:12 pm

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