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Apple is the new bully… really.

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Hurray! O2 has won the UK mobile operator for iPhone!!! Certainly worth celebrating right? Well… at the expense of agreeing to give Apple 40% of iPhone derived revenue plus a percentage of the sale price… Man! Apple really is the new bully!

It appears Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile has secured the rights to sell the iPhone exclusively across five European countries. Orange has secured rights for France.

T-Mobile will sell the iPhone in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Hungary and Croatia, according to a report in the Financial Times. T-Mobile is rumoured to be handing over 10 per cent of iPhone revenues in order to clinch this deal.

If the Guardian news are correct… this is ridiculous… and yet, this is business… O2 certainly can proclaimed to the whole UK that they have won the battle… but at 40% revenue going to Apple in order to get the exclusive deal PLUS with software SIM unlock available… I wonder if it is worth the contract in the long run for O2… I really wonder.

But having said all that… Apple / Jobs is one heck of a businessman. To use such tactics / strategy to get all the major European operator to fight and out do each other…

It will interesting to see how Apple will use the tactic when they come to Asia market next year. Will Singtel go all out to beat Starhub and M1 or will M1 give 50% of the revenue just to beat Singtel to it… We will see how it turn out. Regardless of who win the deal in the end…

There is only one BIG winner, Apple. And yes, this is what the world will become if such behavior continues from them… Who is the monopolistic bully now?


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September 17, 2007 at 2:01 pm

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