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Triple Decker CPU coming… from AMD

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AMD is positioning the new processor, which will be marketed as part of the Phenom line and sport 2MB of shared L3 cache, as a response to consumer needs. The company’s PR is pitching the idea the dual-core/quad-core split has left a gap in the market and is implying that consumers will want to save some money instead by picking up a triple-core part more suited to workloads with lower levels of multithreading.

From what I can tell based on what has been announced, the new triple-core Phenom is essentially what The Inquirer described it as—a quad-core Phenom with one core disabled. This should help alleviate some of the yield issues that are bound to plague a part this size, but only if the tri-core actually sells.


The new processor will debut in the first quarter of 2008 in socket AM2+ format, but AMD hasn’t released any details on pricing, speeds, etc. I imagine that we’ll have a pretty good ballpark idea of that information when the launch prices and speeds of the quad-core Phenom are announced.

For full article, click here.

Personal thoughts:

Seems more like AMD is trying to steal the upcoming processor launch from Intel and to tell investor that, ‘hey, we are still coming out with innovative stuff and are still kicking Intel…’. Barcelona was delayed and from the initial review on the performance, it might not be sufficient to upset Intel’s existing lineup of processors, from dual core to quad core.

One thought on the 3 core processor is yield issue possibly faced by AMD. Intel has always been the more technological advanced competitors among the two. That has always been their strongest reason why they kept coming back leading… But that is not to say that AMD can’t compete at the same level, they got some great engineer, just as good as Intel after recruiting many of them from Digital Equipment. Yield is one major issue faced by all semi conductor company and I suspect the 3 core processor is an easy way to turn off the side of the core that is not at full quality yield, instead of wasting it, it can be sold off as a 3 core processor.

Just a thought…


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September 18, 2007 at 4:30 am

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