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Expose benefits on Vista…

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Another great little application that I using on Vista… Switcher is free utility for Windows Vista (running Aero) that lets you arrange the windows on your screen in different ways. I am not sure if Apple copied other programs before it but the Mac OSX Expose is the one that was implemented before this little apps came out… So I assume it copied Expose and it extended some nice features like text search filtering and some customization. The default view is the “tile view,” which arranges the windows so that you can see all of them, even across multiple monitors. Another view, called the “dock view” magnifies one window and arranges the rest along the side. There is also a grid view, which is a good one to use if you are also going to use the number shortcuts for the windows (the first 9 windows can be activated by pressing the respective number on the keyboard).


Above is my desktop captured. It support dual monitor.

Your desktop can be treated as a window, too. In this new version of Switcher, the windows now have a customizable background color, border, and a label which can display any of the following: the filename of the application, window icon, the number shortcut, the memory used in megabytes, the process name and the window title. Other features include the ability to close windows during a session, smoother animations, and additional keyboard shortcuts. To learn more about Switcher, check out Bao’s Blog. To download the program, visit the Switcher website here.


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September 19, 2007 at 3:36 pm

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