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According to this ExtremeTech article on the worst thing about Macs

Recently, a reader named David e-mailed me, saying he found the article from my guide on how to replace the hard drive in a Macbook Pro. He asked, simply, “A year later, what do you think?” Fundamentally, I stand by my initial impressions: There are plenty of things OS X does very well, and better than any version of Windows. There are also some really boneheaded things. But honestly, the thing I hate most about using a Mac are the Apple fans. The old song and dance about the Steve Jobs worshipping, sycophantic, “thank you sir may I have another”, na-ture of the Cult of Apple is true. And while it certainly does not represent all Mac users, there are enough bad apples (pardon the pun) to spoil the bunch.

Check it out.

Personal thoughts:

I agreed with the perception that some mac user out there felt they are far superior in knowledge and choices as compared to the rest of the world.

I had an encounter months ago while traveling in the MRT (mass rapid transit) in Singapore. I came into the train and sat down beside a young guy having a macbook on his lap. He was doing some programming stuff on it. I use an Acer and placed the laptop bag on my lap as I sat down. The mac guy saw that and started to press all kind of keys to flash the expose, dashboard, dock then back to expose… and eventually stopped (after 10 – 15 sec). What’s so funny to me what that the same screen / program that he was on while I sat down, after all the switching and flashing… was on the screen… where it was earlier. 🙂

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October 15, 2007 at 2:18 pm

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