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We just love drupal CMS…

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At the agency where I work, Drupal is our bread & butter! It is just a solid, mature content management system that you can tweak & customize to your likely and the best thing is the strong community support behind it. The extensibility in feature sets is simply amazing. One can argue that it is a matter of taste and preference and I agree as there are many mature open source CMS around, Joomla, WordPress and so forth… and I guess we evaluated a few options earlier on and have found Drupal to be solid for our development then and years later, we are still growing with Drupal community world wide. All our client sites are build on Drupal… from big brand sites to little brochure sites… we got it on sitting on Drupal. We just love it.

Here’s an excerpt of an article on Drupal by a Sydney based web development agency:


Assuming you’ve already realized that a CMS is the best way to publish your web content, you should be wondering what is already out there (so you can reuse! reuse! reuse!). That’s where I was in mid-2006, and my ‘due diligence’ research relied on the following:

Matt Raible performed extensive evaluation of open source CMSs (parts I, II, and III). Beginning with installation (I), to customisation (II), through to implementation (III) he narrowed the field from 8 contenders (built on Java, Perl, and PHP) and finally went with Drupal.

I was also interested to read why Xaneon Development, a software consulting firm that developed for and contributed towards Mambo/Joomla, opted to switch to Drupal.

Following which, I downloaded and installed Drupal, and was hooked. Most recently, I have decided to invest in developing a service (details coming soon) that is very dependent on the growth and uptake of Drupal.

Why Drupal

To take advantage of our upcoming offerings, Drupal will be a requirement. So here’s an updated look at why you should be considering Drupal.

The main players are the winners of Packt’s 2007 open source CMS awards:

  • Drupal: Flexible, extensible, and robust content management platform.
  • Joomla: Flexible, simple, customizable content management system.
  • WordPress: Usability focussed ‘personal publishing platform’ that is expanding from blogging to full content management.

Before we move on to what others say about the Drupal (v 5.x upwards), Joomla (v 1.x), WordPress (v 2,x) showdown, here are my observations (I focus on Drupal, if you see factual errors regarding Joomla/Wordpress please let me know):

Click here for the complete story.

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November 13, 2007 at 3:46 pm

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Google… everywhere through android!

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Just in case you are stuck in a cave somewhere… the biggest news last week was the unveiling of the Google mobile OS, Android. It is massive! They are not going after iPhone or the Windows Mobile platform or the Symbian OS… Google is reaching for the world population through the next wave of mobile computing platform, the hand phone.

Every household may have one computer, but almost every one in a household has a hand phone (generally speaking) and that is huge for so many potential for interactivity and engaging stuff. I read somewhere that Google will not stick the advertisement that many said that would and I don’t think they need to… Perhaps it will be cleverly designed to allow a user to opt in if they want to but I trust that Google is smart enough not to hamper the adoption of Android. The more logical rationale for this move is the pervasiveness of Google and its reach through services like Google Documents / Search which in where their core strength and business are. Now, they are just merely extending it to mobile platform. The current ads system like AdWords and AdSense will continue to gather more revenue as soon, Google will not only be able to tell advertiser that how many millions unique visitors / clicks on banners and so forth but even extending to search and ads clicking on mobile phones! It will be a natural behavior for everybody using Google. I would!

Engadget has a good visual tour of the Android’s UI through their SDK.

It’s not a bad start for a change in mobile UI design.

Microsoft should learn something from these people… Their idea of the Start menu as a brand connection or association is not practical and confusion when applying to a totally different platform like mobile phones or pda with smaller screen. I read somewhere that the Start button was supposed to be their brand connection with people using Windows… but in their desire to spread that brand connection, I guess practicality and good UI design get thrown out the windows. They should allow much more customizable appearance to the Windows Mobile platform… like change the look of the interface (like what they did with Smartphone edition where there is a List view and a Grid view for the menu… but you can’t touch the screen since it’s a Smartphone edition. That would apply well for those touch screen platform. Fingers can accurately be used instead of stylus since the contact point is a lot bigger…)

Android is a good kick in Microsoft back to push their innovation and common sense back into the game! Time will tell…

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November 13, 2007 at 3:34 pm

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Chocolate company in Singapore…

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It is not common to see a premium chocolate maker in Singapore… and that is exactly what Aalst Chocolate did.

Here is an excerpt about them:

Aalst Chocolate has a state-of-the-art plant in Singapore to produce industrial chocolate products using highest quality sources of raw material from West Africa and South America. A very experienced management team, using latest European technology to produce premium chocolate ingredients for the food industries including Confectionery, Biscuits, Ice-Cream and Bakery.

Our team of specialists, with an exceptional and profound understanding of chocolate, is able to provide technical support in the use and application of all our products. The founding group of investors includes the Chief Executive Officer, an experienced team of chocolate specialists, and EDB Ventures Pte Ltd.

Once a bizarre pleasure and now a symbol of gastronomic extravagance, chocolate pampers and excites one’s taste bud. Who would have thought the seeds of cacao pods could be transformed into such a palatable luxury?

People everywhere fall in love with the unrivaled taste of chocolate. Addictive and craved by many, it is highly satisfying, people just can’t get enough of chocolate!

Their chocolate fondue kits are selling all over the island and their branding is excellent. Done by a Singapore local branding agency.

You will be hearing from us and our support to Aalst Chocolate in the coming months as we prepare our business launch in November – December.

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November 1, 2007 at 1:53 pm

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