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Been out of action for a while…

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If you do keep track of my blog, you will noticed that I have been out of action for a long while… and yet there was so much that happened in the IT space. 😦

Was busy setting up a business for my wife and friends and now that it is live, my posting here should be more regular.

There’s one thing that I really want to get out the door from the Ideas end, on a possible cool laptop that perhaps only Apple could pull it off. Do not think this is the version for MacWorld 08 but certain in the near future, such innovation is possible… Will post that soon.

Here’s some good stuff:

If you have need more power / guidance in tweaking your Windows machine, here a good site to recommend:


Very detail and I just love rules set on the forum… no flame war… nothing but constructive criticism.

Good day.


Written by gooddealz

December 11, 2007 at 12:45 am

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