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Old ideas for new wave of tech gadgets…

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Following up with my previous thoughts on something rather spectacular and that probably only Apple could pull it off.

The idea is a Nintendo DS style two screen devices but in this case, more like a laptop feel to it. The top screen will be the traditionally LCD based, non touch sensitive while the screen below will be using similar or exactly the one used by iPhone which is a capacitor sensitive type. Then again, heck… throw in both screen as capacitor touch based!

Now the size, I see that being slightly bigger than the iPhone but definitely smaller than a 11.1 inch size laptop. Perhaps something like the Eee pc width but with 2/3 the height of the Eee. The logical reason for reducing that is obviously for battery as now the system has to power two screen instead of one.

Input system. The iPhone like screen below will serve as two ways of input. Either using the same onscreen keyboard style like the iPhone but now with wider area for input due to the wider footprint of the screen area and it will be dimmed down to conserve battery and allow an add on layer of physical keypad on top of the screen that will hit on the capacitor screen below. The physical keypad could either slide out or be folded in some way to allow user to interact directly using their fingers. Either way, it will be a old idea used by the Nintendo DS and apply it to a near real world UMPC or whatever you wanna call it.

Imagine the interaction of that kind of devices. The touch screen not only can do onscreen keyboard, but a big mouse pad so to speak to manipulate / control all kind of applications / features… Plus it serves as a second screen for the application should there be more information to be displayed.

Assuming that the size of the devices is the same thickness as the Eee (or two iPhone stacked together), the width being that of the Eee Pc and the breadth to be about 2/3 of the Eee PC. That would be something I am comfortable bringing around. The best thing is that a typical palm can hold it tightly due to the breadth of the device. We are mostly used to carrying thicker books around our palm… the problem is never the thickness, but the width / breadth as the weight will tilt the thing to a less comfortable state. This I imagine will be just nice.

So, will we see such devices one day… from Apple or other manufacturers… Time will tell and in particular battery / cell development will accelerate it to a more usable stage. The rest really is up to our imagination… but certainly looking at today technology, the iPhone, the Eee PC and the software that powers it all… I don’t see why not.

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December 26, 2007 at 12:45 am

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