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Bill Gates last keynote at CES 2008…

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This year CES keynote will be Bill Gates last keynote before he retire from Microsoft’s day to day activities and focus on his charity foundation which, honestly should be the greatest legacy that he will ever leave behind. That act has spur many towards the same cause of fighting for cure in poor and under developed countries. His close friend Warren Buffet has pledged crazy amount of $$$ going to the charity when his time is up…

I can’t wait for the possible 3 mins long of standing ovation to his guy… despite the blue screen of death and the massive disruption Microsoft has caused the whole globe of virus / spyware… (not their fault entirely, once you are way up there, everyone has only one target… but their products could have better testing before releasing to public… well, at least pre Vista days. Vista is rock solid thus far!)

But there’s a thought lingering in my mind thought about this coming keynote… What will he do different than last year or the year before.

1) I hope Bill Gates would wear a black t-shirt and blue jeans (inspired by Steve Jobs) and present his keynotes that way. Make a humorous joke out of that like ‘these days, Apple has inspired many things in our technology industry, including this keynotes…’ Yeah right. 🙂

2) Wow people with actual products rather than products that are coming out in 2 years time… that for most of its part, never get to see the light of day. I know it’s a industry trend that CES focuses on but heck, get some actual wow product on stage and really wow us for the last time.

3) Do a PC vs Mac ads with Bill Gates in it.

Stay tune for this Sunday / Monday (if you are in Singapore).

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January 4, 2008 at 1:22 am

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