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10 things to look out for in the AIR…

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Macworld is here and boy… this year was kinda disappointing for me as a it was probably the least exciting of the many in recent years.

The iTunes rental is a fantastic extension of what the infrastructure provides… the Apple TV take 2 is a good upgrade… The apps for iPod Touch and iPhone is good to have but why in the heck are they charging $20 bucks for existing iPod Touch user!!! Oh I forgot, this is Apple. (just another big monopolistic business empire, like Microsoft or others… They will say, IT’S BUSINESS! And I agreed.) And finally, about the AIR… man, that really is not very innovative or ‘Wow’ like what they did in past years… I will explain on that in a second.

The fact probably is that it’s getting harder and harder as you are getting more and more to the peak of your industry… Expectation were mounting very high for this year Macworld but, in that regards, in proportion to the market expectation, Apple did not amaze many out there. But Apple is still Apple and they will continue to do well.

Here’s an article I wrote on a possible devices from Apple which, will really kick the heck out of all devices. I really hope Apple will have something like that for this or next year… cos that will really raise the bar even further… but who knows.

Here’s an interesting article about the 10 things to look out for in the new Macbook AIR… Most are valid, and they really sucks. Some may be too early to tell. To quote from the article, “Apple’s new super-thin MacBook Air has made too many compromises for the sake of being skinny.”

For example:

1. 80GB iPod hard drive being used as a system drive. It’s 4200 RPM slow and after years of encouraging people to amass a horde of digital media, how can Apple really expect people to fit their iTunes library, digital videos and so on onto 80GB? With notebook hard drive capacities topping 500GB in a single 2.5″ drive, surely Apple’s customers would have preferred a slightly thicker form factor with a beefier drive?

2. Non-expandable memory: 2GB of RAM soldered onto the motherboard… sure, that’s a lot of RAM today, but if I were buying a notebook worth between $2500 and $4300, I’d sure as hell want the ability to add some extra RAM in later to cater for future Mac OS X upgrades, virtualisation and memory hungry apps like the Adobe suite. (To be fair, other subnotebooks also have soldered RAM, and sometimes have only 1GB, but still… looking at this from the perspective of someone looking for a thinner, lighter MacBook Pro, this is a significant limitation.)

3. 64GB flash-memory as an option in place of the hard drive is nice, but for $1400 more, it seems unlikely many people will take it up. (Update: reader Jeff Singleton points out that the SSD drive is more than “just a flash drive” — SSD disks offer greatly enhanced reliability and much faster throughput than mechanical media can, which is a fair point.)

4. One USB port: not only is the MacBook Air expansion-limited on the inside, it can’t connect to many things at once on the outside, unless, of course, you carry a USB hub with you, which kinda defeats the purpose of having an ultraportable notebook to begin with. And since it’s a recessed design (a flap on the side of the notebook has to pop open for you to access the port), quite a few USB accessories aren’t going to be able to plug in there without the use of a USB extension cord.

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January 16, 2008 at 1:59 pm

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