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Audio books rock!!! Thanks

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I have been onto audible books for more than 2 months now, officially that is. I have long been a podcast fanatics on certain topic, Mac, Windows, Security stuff, Gadgets… but thanks to the constant bombardment from Leo Laporte and its podcast, I have signed on to Audible account and has been rewarded greatly with the great selections and good titles they have.

Currently I am on Blue Ocean Strategy, on value innovation stuff… A good read.

Travelling to work or anywhere has never been the same… It allows me to get soaked in expanding my perspective while on the go and that is something that I find very very good for any modern citizen of the world… where there is sometimes, just too many things to get done and not prioritising reading is a no no in my opinion.

Four Hour Work Week coming up in my queue, next few audible books to get hold of.

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Written by gooddealz

January 24, 2008 at 4:30 am

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