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Making something great… A good read

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A well written article from a site /source that I love to read and check out on a weekly basis, Jackson Fish Market.

Here’s their latest quote from the founder, Hillel:


By no stretch of the imagination do I claim credit for having made something that lots of folks consider great (other than my kids). But we’re not talking about kids and as my wife will point out, I had only a modest role in that anyway. I’d like to talk about creating things that people use/consume. Products basically. Working in our little software startup we spend all our time either a) trying to make great stuff, or b) trying to help other folks make great stuff. Great doesn’t necessarily equate to popular, or commercially successful, but with the right patience and economic model I believe great always eventually finds an audience to support it.

Software and food are the realms from which I’ve gathered my observations. I’ve spent a lot of time using and making bad software. I’ve also spent a lot of time eating and cooking bad food. And once-in-awhile I’ve experienced great software and eaten great food. And once in a blue moon, I’ve even been minorly associated with those events. In my mind I’ve observed a clear pattern of how the great things come into being.

So, with full disclosure that we here at Jackson Fish are shoulder-to-shoulder with everyone else on this quest, I will share our perspective on how to get to great.

The “secret” is not really so secret as actually something that’s in plain sight but hard for everyone to grasp… it’s having an opinion. As they say… opinions are like assholes… but despite their lack of scarcity, they are the core to making something great.


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January 24, 2008 at 12:55 am

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