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Adobe Media Player… is out officially

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For the many early AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) adopters out there, pretty much all of tried the beta version of the Adobe Media Player and it has been good at demonstrating what Flex + AIR is capable of doing…

I have it installed at both work and home since the beta and performance has not been fantastic. Particular the different animation it tries to create within the application itself. (despite running on an intel quad core processor with 4 gig ram and plenty of harddisk space… no unnecessary background processes running…)

And now the official release is here so I am pretty excited to install it and try it out. I love the idea and the application, especially the TED fans out there!!! You just gotta love this app. High Res videos at your disposal… and the experience is nice overall, so long as the sluggishness with the animation / fade out menu is out the window, I am shouting all about it! Will see how it goes tonight.

Here’s the download link to Adobe Media Player.

Written by gooddealz

April 9, 2008 at 9:38 am

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