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It’s already a thumbs up for Adobe Media Player…

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Wow! Just minutes after posting my previous entry on Adobe Media Player, I installed it at my work laptop and immediately set to test out the overall experience… and

WOW! The home screen layout has changed and the menu slide in / out animation is much smoother (no more choppy movement)… contents seems to be a lot more now and I presume it will continue to be a video aggregator meaning more content provider / channels should be going there…

If Adobe do it well, with enough focus and people going out there talking to different user generated content sites, and getting more content into the player, then I am sold completely that this will be the default news & entertainment console for many people.

If this is just a tech showcase and no further focus on improving it, then it will be sad. 😦

Keep up the good work Adobe and continue to extend on the features and soon this will be a killer advertising platform. There are many out there going after the aggregator market but there is just no way to better the experience with Adobe AIR or stuff like Silverlight…

Speaking of Silverlight, version 1.0 has stronger video streaming capabilities than Adobe but the community / ecosystem around it has not really taken off like Flex + AIR. (I maybe wrong… need to do more research) I won’t be surprise to see similar player built on Silverlight which should give us a better video streaming experience… but I am waiting and for now, Adobe Media Player is my default recommendation for anyone wanting to experience a rich console like video experience.

Thumbs up Adobe! Here’s a write up from ZDnet on Adobe Media Player


We announced the release of the Adobe Media Player (AMP) today which is both a push to provide content to end users as well as create a platform for monetizing and tracking online video. AMP is built on Adobe AIR so it allows you to take video content offline and also becomes the default player for FLVs so you can watch any FLV file you have inside of AMP. has a great interview with Laurel Reitman from Adobe and also does a good job of writing up the implications behind AMP. Our goal with AMP is really to allow content providers to customize and brand the entire media player experience. Then with that branded experience we’re focusing on giving the content providers a lot of analytical tools so they can track video and monetize it.

The player itself allows you to go full screen and supports up to 1080p resolution and we’ve lined up a number of partners. We currently have content from CBS, MTV Networks, Universal Music Group, PBS, CondéNet, and Scripps Networks. In addition today we also launched which has content about Adobe products and how to use them.


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April 9, 2008 at 10:09 am

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