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Google App Engine…

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Extracted from Niall Kennedy blog site… A very good explanation on Google App Engine

On Monday 2Google launched Google App Engine, a hosted dynamic runtime environment for Python web applications inside Google’s geo-distributed architecture. Google App Engine is the latest in a series of Google-hosted application environments and the first publicly-available dynamic runtime and storage environment based on large-scale propriety computing systems.

Google App Engine lets any Python developer execute CGI-driven Web applications, store its results, and serve static content from a fault-tolerant geo-distributed computing grid built exclusively for modern Web applications. I met with the App Engine’s team leads on Monday morning for an in-depth overview of the product, its features, and its limitations. Google has been working on the Google App Engine since at least March 2006 and has only just begun revealing some of its features. In this post I will summarize Google App Engine from a developer’s point of view, outline its major features, and examine pitfalls for developers and startups interested in deploying web applications on Google’s servers.

What is Google App Engine?

Google App Engine is a proprietary virtualized computing suite covering the major common components of a modern web application: dynamic runtime, persistent storage, static file serving, user management, external web requests, e-mail communication, service monitoring, and log analysis. The Google App Engine product offers a single hosted production web server stack hosted on Google’s custom-designed computers and datacenters distributed around the world.

Google App Engine is a managed hosting environment with a tightly managed stack running in a machine-independent environment. It simplifies the deployment and management of your web application software stack while constraining you to a specific stack.

The rest of the article can be found here.

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