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Archive for April 29th, 2008

Ubuntu 8.04 is is a big step forward

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Just installed Ubuntu 8.04 on a 3 year old Compaq laptop and a 1 year old Acer laptop and both are running well straight out of the box. When I say well, I refer to the installation process being seamless and the hardware detection / driver installation was spot on. I used the WUBI installer and installed it from within Windows. It auto set up the boot menu and everything well along.

I was pretty amazed and shortly after 5 mins of fiddling in the Ubuntu environment, I set out to enable the Compiz composition engine and it worked on both graphic hardware! The 3 year old Compaq is on ATI Xpress 200M while the newer Acer is on Intel 945 chip set and man, Compiz is just visually amazing. If you have seen what OSX brings to the desktop effect scene, Compiz is pretty close. (though there are a lot more effects to choose, it does not help with any productivity and you might get bored after 10 mins with it… ripple effect…)

So far it’s been over 6 hours with the Ubuntu and my impression is pretty good. The environment is nowhere as polish as OS X or Vista and the applications are pretty inconsistent but it is adaptable and I think that is key to Linux being successful as a mainstream desktop operating system. The open source application packages are huge and Ubuntu makes it very easy to add new packages available online for free… and it comes with a lot more games out of the box than Windows or OSX. 🙂

With cloud computing already here, there is less and less need for most user to rely on desktop application and I think that’s a good area where Ubuntu, with its free nature can really go mainstream. I am for it and will certainly recommend to any budget DIY folks to install Ubuntu before forking out some cash for other Operating System. Heck, even non budget folks should give it a try. At least for now, it’s virus / spyware free. Use it for your online surfing.

Good job Ubuntu! Keep it up.

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April 29, 2008 at 2:09 am

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