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Windows Mobile need a huge UI revamp!

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By now there are many videos over the internet of the HTC Diamond and honestly, it’s a good attempt to add the UI / TouchFlo thingy but it is still crippled where areas outside the HTC UI is on… As stated in my previous post, Windows Mobile need a UI revamp and not knee jerk…

This attempt by HTC is certainly what they could do… but the overall experience is no where near iPhone. It is not your fault HTC, it’s Microsoft. They are late to the UI game and frankly, something they have always been less priority with until recently… with the hiring of Photoshop guru, Mark Hamburg. Sorry HTC, I kinda look forward to the Diamond coming to Singapore but I am more excited by what the iPhone 2.0 can bring to the table and when it is coming here.


Written by gooddealz

May 8, 2008 at 3:49 am

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