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Archive for May 11th, 2008

User experience vs Functionality

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Given the heated battle between Apple iPhone and the rest of the phone world… it seems that we are two contrasting approach to market dominance.

Microsoft / Symbian seems to begin with focus on functionality first as we can observed over the years of development on those two platform, not much has really change. There’s more and more third party application built on it and honestly, most people don’t mind the design aspect and happily use them.

Until iPhone appears and bang… the industry got shaken. The first iteration of iPhone has a lot of great user experience but certainly lack in functionality… till the 3rd party jailbreaks and hacks that kinda forces Apple to quickly step up and release the SDK (some would argue that Apple already had in mind the plan to support 3rd party application as there are many icons slot available on the iPhone version 1 released over a year ago… but whether those add on application would eventually come from Apple or outsiders is up for debate).

Now, we are left with two contrasting approach to market dominance as we see iPhone coming from a user experience first (consistency) then functionality enhancement through 3rd party support and SDK.

Windows Mobile / Symbian OS on the other hand, has already a lot of 3rd party application but totally inconsistent visual experience and now, rumor has it that Windows Mobile 7 will have a completely UI overhaul to take on the iPhone and many early developers are giving praises saying this is what it should have been all along… What will happen to all the existing 3rd party application for Windows Mobile? Do they need to be recompile to support the new UI… How easy is it to convert it to be Windows Mobile 7 (or later) aware?

Guess by the time Windows Mobile 7 arrives, we will have to see if it is too late to the competition as iPhone would probably have reached version 3 by then…

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May 11, 2008 at 2:34 pm

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