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Snackr to the rescue

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For couple of months now, I have been talking to my creative director and friends on an RSS reader that is actually usable and unobtrusive, yet sits on the desktop like a financial ticker service that just roll over your screen… Well, guess someone else had similar thoughts / complaints and I gladly introduce you to the RSS Ticker that I am actually using! Snackr has come to the rescue. 

There are some known bugs with this early release but it’s been very worthwhile. Check it out.

On Flex showcase and New stuff…

I used to get the latest Flex showcase stuff from this Adobe site but it seems to not been updated… and I came across fresh AIR apps and strongly recommend both to keep yourself updated on what’s going on the Flex world. The fresh AIR apps does not have a lot yet but hope it will grow with time.

Other recommended sites are like RIA pedia and Mashable

It’s rocking hot!!!

Written by gooddealz

May 13, 2008 at 7:02 am

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