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Archive for May 16th, 2008

Floral arrangements in Singapore…

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Gift business in Singapore or anywhere else for that matter is a blossoming industry. And one of the most common type of gift you find is floral arrangements, also known as flower shop.

We have big players like Far East Flora and during Valentine period, their orders can easily go up to thousands and due to their strong logistic support, they are able to cope with the demand.

On the other hand, an alternatives to floral arrangements or flower shop in Singapore is fresh cut fruits arrangement and that is what my wife and friends started 5 months ago, 7Degree C.

It has been an exciting journey so far as they strive to constantly push the edge of creative design, practical arrangements and satisfying customers. The business is picking up and with phase 2 of the marketing plan ready to roll out, it would be great to see the feedbacks and responds as the perceptions of fruits as a gift for the people here in Singapore are still ‘not-so-receptive’.

There’s many challenges to overcome, like making sure the fruits are supplied to us fresh daily from the different suppliers, the varying cost of the fruits, ensuring the handling of the fruits throughout all the stages are handled properly and the extra work of coating the fruits with our gourmet chocolate…

It is really a lot of hard work involved.

Like all business, it comes with hard work and I hope to see my wife business flourish and transforming the gift sharing, floral arrangements, flower shop idea into edible fruits arrangements for all special occasions.

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May 16, 2008 at 1:22 pm

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From fantasy… to reality

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Months ago I wrote an article on a tech enthusiast dream… a device, having capacitive touch keyboard like the iPhone screen but instead, have it on the keyboard for those occasional typing (assuming it was made to a small portable device…) It seems that it might be coming to reality sooner than I realized…

Check out the Samsung’s 12.1-inch OLED laptop concept

Here’s the details from Engadget.


The Keyboard should be be an OLED screen with capacitive touch and can be switched to display just about anything… text input, writing recognition, drawing board, application interface area… and more.

It is coming… tech reality begin its life as a fantasy / dream in someone’s head.

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May 16, 2008 at 9:04 am

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Competition to Survey Monkey… and it has lime in it! LimeSurvey

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Survey Monkey has a competition!!! Well, at least there is a viable solution now and even though it is not hosted, it is definitely easy to set up and you literally owns the data and the application. And I am talking about, LimeSurvey!

Open Source survey application LimeSurvey currently offers:

  • Unlimited number of surveys at the same time
  • Unlimited number of questions in a survey (only limited by your database)
  • Unlimited number of participants to a survey
  • Multi-Lingual Surveys
  • User-Management
  • 20 different question types with more to come
  • Quotas Management
  • Integration of pictures and movies into a survey
  • Creation of a printable survey version
  • Ability to set conditions for questions depending on earlier answers (branching the survey)
  • Re-usable editable answer sets
  • Ready-made importable questions
  • Assessment surveys
  • Anonymous and Not-Anonymous survey
  • Open and closed group of participant surveys
  • Optional public registration for surveys
  • Sending of invitations, reminders and tokens by email
  • Option for participants to buffer answers to continue survey at a later time
  • Cookie or session based surveys
  • Template editor for creating your own page layout
  • Extended and user-friendly administration interface
  • Back-office data entry possibility
  • Survey expiry dates for automation
  • Enhanced import and export functions to text, CSV and MS Excel format
  • Basic statistical and graphical analysis with export facility

and more…

Have not tried it out myself but was made known to me today… and from the mere fact that is what you get out of LimeSurvey… I am already impressed.

Try it out and let me know if it is usable on the admin site. 🙂 I will get our programmer to look into it and test it out ourselves.

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May 16, 2008 at 8:36 am

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Waves of official iPhone application coming… and it looks cool

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Plazes is an iPhone client for the geo-tagging social networking site. The app will be available when Apple’s official App Store launches in mid June.

Extracted from TechCrunch on Plazes for iPhone:

It seems like iPlazer seems like a combination of Twitter and Dopplr. The phone detects the user’s location through the iPhone API, then presents the user with a number of suggested descriptions (for example, opening Plazes from our office presented us with choices of “TechCrunch HQ” and “The Mansion”, both of which were assigned to the coordinates by previous visitors).

After choosing a location label, the user is prompted to send “activity” messages to their friends (it’s basically a tweet tagged with location information). These activity messages are compared by the server, and Plazes notifies you if you’re in the same neighborhood as one of your friends.

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May 16, 2008 at 5:38 am

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