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Waves of official iPhone application coming… and it looks cool

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Plazes is an iPhone client for the geo-tagging social networking site. The app will be available when Apple’s official App Store launches in mid June.

Extracted from TechCrunch on Plazes for iPhone:

It seems like iPlazer seems like a combination of Twitter and Dopplr. The phone detects the user’s location through the iPhone API, then presents the user with a number of suggested descriptions (for example, opening Plazes from our office presented us with choices of “TechCrunch HQ” and “The Mansion”, both of which were assigned to the coordinates by previous visitors).

After choosing a location label, the user is prompted to send “activity” messages to their friends (it’s basically a tweet tagged with location information). These activity messages are compared by the server, and Plazes notifies you if you’re in the same neighborhood as one of your friends.

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May 16, 2008 at 5:38 am

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