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Love it or hate it… Vista UAC

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A very good read on Vista UAC… from PCWorld

Some reports Vista as a flop which to me personally is not, as I have been using it at my home pc and work laptop and find it not to be anyway as bad as the press gives it.

There are truth is what was written like the UAC prompt, compatibility (which has mostly been fixed by now after service pack 1…) but here is one article that may turn the favour back to Vista, especially home user.

About the malware, virus thingy on Windows… no questions about that. XP and other OSes from Microsoft before it was not built with strong security in mind and the widespread of that negative press and real threats are real.

I have to say though that over the years as a Windows user, much of the problem lies in the user behaviour. That is the first line of defence and not antivirus software… and many of the friends whom I have serviced their Windows over the years, are just ignorant to the point of even keeping their antivirus up to date… much talk about user behaviour.

(updated: 26th May, 5 pm…)

We have Mac machine in our office as well and guess what, the designers / users are not keeping the Mac OSX updated as well… and sometimes over a period of more than 3 over months! And just in the last 6 months since Leopard is out, there’s been tonnes of fixes on almost every part of the system, from Quicktime, to Safari, to iTunes all the way down the core system level of Leopard. Some of the fixes / bugs are critical in nature and could allow for malicious attack on the system. IT administrator has to step in and patch it up and keep it updated.

The point being, it’s not the platform as they all have bugs… it’s the user. And many ‘normal’ user, regardless of Mac or Windows are just ignorant of that.

(updated: 26th May, 5 pm…)

It is a big task for the general user but as hopefully as they become more and more aware of the basic measures in their behaviour, many of the threats could be reduced to minimal.

So in conclusion, for home user, and you know who you are… Turn on Vista UAC and run as a Standard User account.

Written by gooddealz

May 26, 2008 at 6:36 am

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