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The guy behind Piclens is back… to Microsoft

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Here’s the excerpt from Danny Thorpe blog… from Borland, to Microsoft, to VC startup… and now full swing back to Microsoft.

Curious title…  ring any bells?  No, not the story by Edgar Allen Poe.  I wrote an article a long time ago (2 years, 1 month, and 12 days) with this title to announce my joining the Windows Live team at Microsoft.

I worked from my home in Santa Cruz (California), working with my team in Redmond (Washington). I flew up to Redmond about twice a month for meetings and general face time. San Jose to Seattle is about a two hour flight, so if you don’t mind a very long day it can be done as a one day trip to save the cost of a hotel and being away from home.

I made the most of my time in Redmond. Whatever time slots weren’t booked for meetings with my team or related to our projects I filled with lunches or coffee chats with new faces and old to try to stay abreast with what the rest of the company was up to – and how it related to Windows Live. I hunted down distinguished members of the League of Former Borlanders – lunches with Eddie Churchill, breakfast with Steve Teixeira, even managed to get some coffee time with Anders Hejlsberg every once in a while. The person I saw most often – almost quarterly – was Chuck Jazdzewski, my longtime friend and mentor from the Delphi era.  (Borland Delphi that is, not the Greek era)

A few months after I had extracted myself from the Microsoft vortex and taken up residence in the Cooliris tornado I got a call from Chuck. ”Remember that thing we talked about in our last few chats? I think it’s going to happen.  Forces are in play.” 

Hmm.  Interesting.

A few months later, another call.  “It’s happening. We have slots, we have budget. And I want you on it.”

I am personally excited and looking forward to see what the team with Danny can come up with next… must be something big… something to take on Google? 🙂

Whatever it is… Danny has been instrumental in bringing Piclens to the market and everyone I have shown simple love it and uses it. Now I can’t wait for what’s in store from him next…


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June 2, 2008 at 1:03 pm

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