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The world versus Apple

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If you have noticed lately from all the different brand like HP, Lenovo, Dell and more… their laptop, desktop are all taking a page from Apple’s minimalistic design philosophy.  The Lenovo IdeaPad U110, Dell and their XPS series and here, HP with their Envy 133.

The great thing to see is that they are not only getting better at design, but the material they used to build the laptop are state of the art as well. Like for example the HP Envy 133 is a full carbon fiber laptop!!! Talk about sturdiness!!!


Apple will continue to innovate and set the trend on consumer product but I have to say, the rest ain’t that far off… Rather than always brag on the cheapest and lowest price, consumer who wishes to have pay for design… now has more nicer choices from the rest of the manufacturers.

It’s about time… finally. They get it.

To borrow the concept from blue ocean strategy, Apple set the pace by building a strong brand recognition through paying attention to user experience and design… and by doing that, Apple has set itself apart years ago from the rest of the red ocean manufacturer that beat on prices and features… Every product that carries the Apple brand are sold with a much higher profit margin than any other competing products on the market. Amazing…


Written by gooddealz

June 16, 2008 at 4:17 am

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