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Archive for June 17th, 2008

Ideas on ponder on… for touch screen.

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Just a quick thoughts that came to mind.

Currently on pdas or touch screen smartphones, there are two main type of screen technologies. One is the traditional pressure sensitive type found in most-last-year pdas or smartphones. The other is the one made famous by the iPhone, which is the capacitive type that respond only to materials that conduct current (if not mistaken).

Now, ever since the iPhone is out, there’s been a wave of ‘imitation’ phones from different manufacturers like HTC, Samsung and more… that mimic the user experience through running another software layer on top of Windows Mobile 6.1. Great try… But I do notice that so far, all of them are still using pressure sensitive screen and not capacitive screen like the iPhone.

Why is that the case? My guess is because Windows Mobile 6..1 at its core is still a stylus type experience as the system level control panel or the bundled application like Word, Excel are still designed with stylus in mind… example being the scroll bar at the side.

Now here’s my thought. Assuming my understanding of capacitive screen is right, can some one just invent a stylus that has a capacitive tip… and then design the device screen with capacitive screen just like the iPhone so that, on both occasion it will work!!! Too simple or too complicated?

I look at the HTC Touch Diamond and the Samsung Omnia i900… they did a great job on top of Windows Mobile but at the end of it, there’s still stylus needed which is fair enough as Microsoft needs to ‘fix’ it in WM7 if they deem that as a problem. But the screen, as seen on the HTC Touch or Samsung Omnia, with their UI shell over it, is not so responsive to the pressure sensitive screen as opposed to the capacitive screen…

Just invent the stylus that can work on the capacitive screen and problem solved.

Or am I being too naive…

(updated as of 18th June…)

According to Wilfred, a geek from SIM and a friend… there’s actually such thing!!!

Is it a gimmick? or is it true?

Can someone from Windows camp like HTC or Samsung use a capacitive touch screen!!!

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June 17, 2008 at 3:50 pm

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Taiwan news reported that the unbundled iPhone 2.0 cost… NT$24000

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For all the excited iPhone fans / soon-to-be fans who claims that the iPhone 2.0 is cheap (because of USD$199)!!! Well, guess what… Taiwan news just reported that the unbundled iPhone 2.0 will cost NT$24,000!!! That’s like SGD$1,000 plus!!! (probably is the weak NT dollar as well… so conversion varies)

Not sure if the news just add all the plans up for 24 months or whether they got the news straight from the telecom mouth… but I am not surprise if that is true as I mentioned in my earlier article, Apple will sell everything at a premium.

iPhone 1.0 buzz has given them the reason to charge higher… they will milk a lot more in version 2.0!

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June 17, 2008 at 3:19 pm

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Another video of the Samsung Omnia i900

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I will be visiting CommunicAsia tomorrow so hope to get a hands on with it.

Samsung has done an excellent job adding a layer of ‘coolness’ to the tilt / accelerometer which Windows Mobile 6.1 does not have built in.

The main turn off for me is the screen resolution… 240 x 400 is not cool man!!!

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June 17, 2008 at 8:11 am