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Anything with Adobe Flex…

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The digital agency that I worked for is pretty obsess with a couple of things, sales being one of them! 🙂 and the other is Adobe Flex.

By now you probably have come across some sites that are pretty cool… like way beyond those flash intro coolness from the late 90s… Having kinda desktop like application functionality and fluidity… Well, a good chance is that it is developed in Adobe Flex and a less lightly chance using AJAX stuff. Sometimes it is a combination of both…

Anyway, I am starting a category on my blog called, ‘Anything  with Flex’ to sort of list out those nice flex sites that I gotten to know over the weeks and will have it listed out for your easy reference.

Starting with…

Comiqs. An online comic creation site that is easy to use… and to create your very own comic story!

More coming in the next few days…

Written by gooddealz

June 18, 2008 at 3:28 pm

Posted in Anything with Flex

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