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Type of apps that won’t be found on the iPhone App Store…

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Here’s a short article detailing the type of applications that will never make it to the App store… from ZDNet. I heard from somewhere that the SDK has documented clearly certain types of functionality not allowed to be developed for use on the iPhone, one of them being turn by turn GPS… Here’s the list from ZDNet.

There are certain kinds of applications that Apple will most likely never offer in the App Store because they conflict with their own offerings. Some examples include:

  • Music purchases not tied to iTunes (Amazon MP3, Napster)
  • Other browsers (Firefox mobile, Opera lite)
  • GPS applications (although this is debatable)
  • Office Suites (MS Office, OpenOffice)
  • VOIP over EDGE or 3G (Skype, Fring) – In a Q&A session after the SDK was released Steve Jobs said that VOIP applications would be allowed “only via Wi-Fi connections, not via cellular data connections”
  • All scripting languages (.Net, JavaScript, Ruby, Perl, Python)
  • Unlocking/Jailbreaking applications (duh!)
  • Porn
  • Programs that could compromise your privacy
  • Bandwidth hogs (presumably BitTorrent, P2, file sharing apps_
  • Malicious and/or illegal apps (duh!)
  • Apps that require multi-tasking
  • Apps that are memory-resident

It is still a wonderful platform… and I guess developers will just have to live with the Apple Rules, if you wish to have your apps on App Store. Let the jail breaking begin on iPhone version 2.0!


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June 19, 2008 at 4:59 pm

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