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Archive for July 2nd, 2008

Fresh Mango Bouquets Launched

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To all the Singapore Florist Shop out there, something new has landed…

Fresh Mango Bouquets Launched

Enjoy the freshly made gift products by 7Degree C!

Good day.

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July 2, 2008 at 5:19 pm

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It’s in the people…

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Powerset talented engineers and computational linguists… is now at Microsoft… hammering away at how to win a single digit market share from Google…

I salute Microsoft for trying… even though the search game is already very one sided…

The good thing is that there is always the element of time… depending on how long one wish to measure the catch up… It’s a marathon race for Microsoft, a very long race…

In 2 years time, not a dent… (Google Search on mobile phones / devices will rule)

In 5 years time… maybe…

In 10 years time… who knows…

In 20 years time…  the once forgotten Altavista will rise again and buy over Google and Microsoft by then. 🙂

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July 2, 2008 at 5:14 pm

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Mark Anders on a new approach to searching Flash

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Big news this week for RIA developers and ActionScript programmers… Flash is indexable by Google and Yahoo (soon to be) and Microsoft Live Search!!! Wait a minute… Microsoft is being LEFT OUT of the equation!!!

Hmmm… how would Microsoft retaliate? My thought would be to open up Silverlight such that Google, Yahoo and all other search engine can index its content (if it is even possible) so that IT CAN AT LEAST GAIN SOME MARKET SHARE!!! (provided that Google and Yahoo are even bother to include that… Joke man!) Good move by Adobe! Very good move!!! Nip Silverlight when it is still so little… else the Microsoft tenacity may come sooner in waves against Flash and Adobe… This way, it will be even harder…

Here’s one of the big brains behind Adobe success / advancement with Flex and Flash in recent years, Mark Anders:

One of the projects I worked on a while ago that I can now talk about is a new approach to more effectively search Flash based applications and content. We developed it in collaboration with Google and Yahoo. Google is in the process of rolling it out and Yahoo is committed to doing so in the near future.

To understand why a new approach is needed, let’s take a step back and examine how search engines work with basic web content today. During the indexing process, HTML and other well defined file formats are retrieved, parsed, and analyzed for content such as text, graphics, metadata, and most importantly links to other content. By traversing the set of links, the indexer can crawl the site and discover all of its content.

This works because HTML is a simple, declarative format that is easy to parse and understand. Or at least, that’s how HTML used to be! The declarative nature of HTML is important, because it means that you can look at a tag such as a link or heading and the format "declares" what it is. You don’t have to run any code to understand it – you can tell just by looking at it.

The fact that SWF files are binary has led some people to conclude that this is why Flash is hard to index. However, this isn’t really the reason. Search engines can and index SWF files today.

So what we’ve done is to enable the search engines to actually run the app just as an end user would. They can not only run it and see the information that’s displayed, including data dynamically loaded from the network, but can interact with it as well, pressing on buttons and links to interact with the app and explore all of is content.

To enable this we have created a special version of the Flash player that is designed to run on the server as part of the indexing process. As the code executes, there are special API that notify the search engine when something changes and that allow inspection of the textual and other data that would be displayed to the user.

There are other API that enumerate links and allow the indexer to instruct the player to simulate a “click” on various objects that are displayed. In this way, the indexer can navigate the running app.

What’s especially cool about this is that it doesn’t require any changes to the application code to enable it to be searched. It just works.

Of course, adding things such as deep-linking – exposing URL for distinct parts of a running app, will make searching content more effective, but it’s not required. This and other techniques will undoubtedly become important tools for optimizing how to most effectively expose Flash-based information to search engines.

Thermo wave is coming next…

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July 2, 2008 at 4:31 pm

Google, Microsoft… or somewhere else. It’s common!

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It’s been a challenging 2 months… ever since a call to do more in my full time role, from being just an Accounts Manager in a 360 digital agency here in Singapore, to more like a General Manager where not only am I involved in business development and client servicing, but more involved in planning, organizing, directing, controlling…

We have a great solid team of people working together and I am really proud of where we are at right now as a team. The chemistry mostly are very good (can improve…)… no politics among us…

It’s been challenging… because I felt personally I have swung to the extreme of being so consumed with work rather than taking care of my personal / spiritual life which has dwindled. Took me a while to face up to the fact that I need help and my wife has been super supportive and encouraging towards me and I thank God for that. A man has to lead and if a man needs help, he’s gotta face up to the issue, get humble and get help. That’s what I am going to do and that’s what I am going to change.

Came across some articles about staff leaving Google and pursuing their career elsewhere… and some even returned to Microsoft!!! Kidding right? No.

Between the lines from Danny Thorpe – the guy that was involved with Piclens and then now back to Microsoft.

Dare Obasanjo

Sergey Solyanik – Dev Manager at Microsoft

Svetlin Nakov – A guy who rejected Microsoft offer but provided some insights into the interview process at Microsoft. This is a must read!!!

Where does Google go next – from CNN

Dion Almaer – Google engineer and his thoughts on some of the post above.

It’s a good read and I am sure there are Microsofties that left for Google or elsewhere… and it is common. But what I see in the pattern is that we all leave for different reasons, not necessary all the time over salary or politics… but growth in our capabilities, taking up new challenges… Which reminded me of a few meet ups I had with some colleagues who thought of pursuing their career somewhere else… and I have always expressed myself very candidly on that matter when it was made known to me and that is to always be clear WHY we leave our existing role / job and not ‘react’ to the situation.

If there are issues, try to resolve it first…

If it is a salary issue, evaluate if you have given your best and take up ownership and then talk to the management about it… negotiation is a lot easier after you have done your part.

If it is job scope issue, bring it up to management and express what you would like to try…

If it is a politics issue, avoid getting involved further and make a stand, unless management / boss is the one flaming it… then probably it’s best to get away…

If it is simply a much better offer, go for it!!!

Sometimes we may feel like we have brought it up to management but they don’t listen and that’s fair… at least you have done the most important part and that is TALK TO THEM!!! Decision comes a lot easier after that…

But always leave because you have a clear objective WHY you leave and not because of some unresolved issues or some reaction to something unpleasant…

Learn to see from a Boss / Management mindset and ask WHY… before asking WHY from an employee mindset… Many times I have learnt that it put things in better perspective and allow one to get out of the ‘WHY NOT ME’ mindset…

WHY boss is like that…

WHY boss did not do that…

WHY boss did not appreciate me as much…

(I know it’s over simplifying the process… and issues of pursuing a greener pasture… but you get the point, right? :))

Sharing and hearing some of the colleagues and expressing our view candidly has in turn helped them us to see the growing opportunities the agency has before us (my personal opinions)… Through some analysis, they too became clearly on what was clouding their thoughts and eventually decided to hang on for a while to see the opportunities and the growth that we can gain from it. No workplace is perfect and in our agency too, we are getting feedbacks and implementing changes to grow staff capabilities and job scope and hopefully every one get some rewards… Surprisingly, some stayed on while others whom did not open up to anyone in the company / management… has left somewhat with some unresolved issue… (nothing wrong with that… just felt it was a lost to the company, and perhaps a lost to the ex colleagues as they lost an opportunity to learn something about themselves if it was something that could have been resolved, and then they can still decide to leave…)

Anyway… just some random rants / thoughts on employment stuff…

Time to make some change to my spiritual life.  

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July 2, 2008 at 1:52 pm