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Meet the beautiful minds… C# 4.0 design team

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Love Channel 9 on geeky stuff around the Microsoft camp and though some are more marketing and promotional in nature… I have always been a big fan of Going Deep series and technical architecture stuff around anything Microsoft.

Today we got Anders Hejlsberg and the C# 4.0 design team talking about the next iteration of C# programming language.

Here’s some excerpt:

As expected, merging functional constructs into imperative C# are still top of mind for the C# design team. Here, you’ll meet some new programming language gurus and some old time Niners (you’ll recall the great Eric Lippert. He was in fact the very first developer we interviewed for C9 back in 2004 – even though his was not the first interview posted, it was the first one shot and the one where Lenn, Jeff, Scoble, Bryn and myself looked at each other and said "wow, we are on to something here!".).
C# 4.0 will contain many new features that will help developers be, yeah, you’ve heard it before, more productive. There’s also some very interesting work going on with adding dynamic constructs to the language, which is of course very interesting given the static nature of the C# language.
In this video you will not get any specific details since the C# team wants to reveal exactly what they’ve done at PDC 2008. That said, you’ll still get a very clear sense of what they’ve been up to and where they’re taking the language.


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