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All the Windows Vista shortcuts… here

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July 14, 2008 at 4:04 pm

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The biggest news last week & this week… iPhone App Store & iPhone 2.0

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Check out Ars in depth review of the iPhone 3G.

Their conclusion:

The $199 (or $299, or $399, or $499) question is: is it worth it? As usual, the answer is "it depends." If you’re using some old, crappy cell phone, you’re looking for something new, and you’re not allergic to AT&T, then go for it. Do it now. Well, maybe wait until the lines subside.

If you’ve got a smartphone for personal use—iPhone or otherwise—then the answer depends on how much you value the new features. Are 3G, the louder speaker, and GPS worth at least $200 plus $10 more per month for two years? Remember that you can get the iPhone 2.0 firmware and the App Store on an older iPhone as well. For us reviewers who are using the iPhone 3G as a personal phone, we feel happy with the decision to purchase it. Sure, it’s not a religious experience, but we’re definitely satisfied. If you want to wait and see what comes out of Apple in another six months to a year, however, there’s no huge reason not to do so.

If you’re a business user, then we feel the answer is no, it’s not worth it. The original iPhone was not made to be an enterprise device, and the new iPhone isn’t either. Although some baby steps have been made, BlackBerry users will find themselves frustrated with the lack of complete Exchange support and may even end up returning their devices, or at least carrying an iPhone alongside a BlackBerry. We already know several who have done this, and it will happen to many more.

Although we have dropped numerical scores from our product reviews, we feel the need to enumerate the iPhone 3G in comparison to our original iPhone score. A year ago, we gave the iPhone an 8 overall (with significant caveats based on personal use). The original iPhone was truly an innovation in the mobile space and it has most certainly shaken things up over the last 12 months. The iPhone 3G is being marketed not only as a faster device, however, but as a business-capable device as well. So, not only is it being compared to the original iPhone, it is being compared more heavily to its competitors in the smartphone space than its predecessors. Because of this, we at Ars have agreed that the new device deserves a 6. It’s great as a consumer device, but with enterprise users’ expectations having been raised this time around, we feel it still has quite a ways to go.

The good:
  • Data speeds are faster (duh)
  • External speaker is louder, better
  • Third-party apps, finally
  • Screen still virtually unscratchable
The bad:
  • For most casual users, battery gets sapped quicker thanks to 3G chip, power-sucking apps
  • Still locked to AT&T and still requires a new two-year contract (US-only. Contracts in other countries vary.)
  • Plastic back means potential for scratch city
The ugly:
  • In-store activation requirements crud up the previously-smooth process, Apple caves to the broken mobile system (at least in the US)
  • Battery life, combined with non-user-replaceable battery, make for an ugly situation for road warriors
  • Not yet fit for serious business users, as Exchange support is pretty weak

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July 14, 2008 at 3:15 pm

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