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Good day. Mike here from Singapore…

My full time job is an Accounts Manager for a digital agency in Singapore and I am really proud to be part of the team. Our primary focus is on branding and creative aspect, be it online media to offline marketing and advertising materials. Our digital team have come a long way from content management system customisation (90 over percent on Drupal platform) to right now, Adobe Flex and AIR development as well as soon to be, .NET and Silverlight development.

I enjoy the constant research / reading to broaden my horizon and deepen my understanding on the latest trend in online media and this blog will serve as a dumping group for some rant and opinions on matters that I come across…

Part of my personal goal here is to experiment the model using blog to share ideas / thoughts on things that I read… It is a place where grass root ideas can be shared and perhaps be taken into serious consideration and be implemented by companies capable of doing that… cos everyone has ideas… and some aren’t in the capacity to turn those ideas into reality while others do.

Feedbacks or comments are welcome to see if some ideas can be worked out…

I will be up front with my goal here, and that is to hopefully through that openness / interest in those areas, generate traffic and eventually interest to lead people to my online retail site, and I worked with a few partners across Asia to distribute online, radio control kits from Align, Thunder Tiger, Futaba, JR, Kyosho and expanding to watches from Casio… and more to come.

I am cautious on how personal I want to share my personal feelings and thoughts on certain subject… cos I know millions of eyes are watching… Thus the exercise of caution and sensitivity will be the basis in which I will begin this blog.

Thank you for the interest to read… and yes, this is a blog so take everything you read here as OPINIONS only.

Written by gooddealz

May 23, 2007 at 10:37 am

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    March 4, 2008 at 4:41 pm

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