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Fresh Mango Bouquets Launched

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To all the Singapore Florist Shop out there, something new has landed…

Fresh Mango Bouquets Launched

Enjoy the freshly made gift products by 7Degree C!

Good day.

Written by gooddealz

July 2, 2008 at 5:19 pm

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Floral arrangements in Singapore…

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Gift business in Singapore or anywhere else for that matter is a blossoming industry. And one of the most common type of gift you find is floral arrangements, also known as flower shop.

We have big players like Far East Flora and during Valentine period, their orders can easily go up to thousands and due to their strong logistic support, they are able to cope with the demand.

On the other hand, an alternatives to floral arrangements or flower shop in Singapore is fresh cut fruits arrangement and that is what my wife and friends started 5 months ago, 7Degree C.

It has been an exciting journey so far as they strive to constantly push the edge of creative design, practical arrangements and satisfying customers. The business is picking up and with phase 2 of the marketing plan ready to roll out, it would be great to see the feedbacks and responds as the perceptions of fruits as a gift for the people here in Singapore are still ‘not-so-receptive’.

There’s many challenges to overcome, like making sure the fruits are supplied to us fresh daily from the different suppliers, the varying cost of the fruits, ensuring the handling of the fruits throughout all the stages are handled properly and the extra work of coating the fruits with our gourmet chocolate…

It is really a lot of hard work involved.

Like all business, it comes with hard work and I hope to see my wife business flourish and transforming the gift sharing, floral arrangements, flower shop idea into edible fruits arrangements for all special occasions.

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May 16, 2008 at 1:22 pm

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Chocolate company in Singapore…

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It is not common to see a premium chocolate maker in Singapore… and that is exactly what Aalst Chocolate did.

Here is an excerpt about them:

Aalst Chocolate has a state-of-the-art plant in Singapore to produce industrial chocolate products using highest quality sources of raw material from West Africa and South America. A very experienced management team, using latest European technology to produce premium chocolate ingredients for the food industries including Confectionery, Biscuits, Ice-Cream and Bakery.

Our team of specialists, with an exceptional and profound understanding of chocolate, is able to provide technical support in the use and application of all our products. The founding group of investors includes the Chief Executive Officer, an experienced team of chocolate specialists, and EDB Ventures Pte Ltd.

Once a bizarre pleasure and now a symbol of gastronomic extravagance, chocolate pampers and excites one’s taste bud. Who would have thought the seeds of cacao pods could be transformed into such a palatable luxury?

People everywhere fall in love with the unrivaled taste of chocolate. Addictive and craved by many, it is highly satisfying, people just can’t get enough of chocolate!

Their chocolate fondue kits are selling all over the island and their branding is excellent. Done by a Singapore local branding agency.

You will be hearing from us and our support to Aalst Chocolate in the coming months as we prepare our business launch in November – December.

Written by gooddealz

November 1, 2007 at 1:53 pm

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